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''A DOG IS THE ONLY THING ON THIS EARTH THAT LOVES YOU MORE THAN HE LOVES HIMSELF"                                      - Josh Billings -

View our French Bulldogs

The French bulldog is an inquisitive breed, and they love to have fun and explore! Our dogs are completely cared for in every aspect, and we ensure that they are safe and comfortable. Due to this, they produce adorable French bulldog puppies. If you have any questions about this fantastic breed, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Lizzie – Blue Lady

- DNA – ay/ay, d/d, N/S

Lizzie is one of the craziest dogs we have ever seen, and that’s putting it lightly! She has one floppy ear, and she’s always first to play and cuddle. This makes her perfect with other dogs and children. She had her first litter of solid blue French bulldogs last year, and you can view her lovelly bullies on our French bulldog puppies page.

Bella - Midnight Express

- DNA – at/at, B/b, D/d, E/e, kyky, N/N

As an exceptionally playfull and active girl, Bella loves cuddling, walking, playing and be around people at all the time.  As well as this, she’s fantastic with other dogs, and she is best friends with our children.