We hope the chow-chow dogs will win your hearts just as they have won ours. These dogs have been living with us for few years and we can't imagine our life without them. They are proud, beautiful and intelligent. Once you see the chow-chow dog, you will remember his charm forever. Now, you have chance to get know our lovely pets.



Chow-chow, at first glance, seems like good-natured plush toys. Is it really? A large watchdog hides behind a cute and harmless appearance.

Chows are powerful, compactly built dogs standing as high as 20 inches at the shoulder. Their distinctive traits include a lion’s-mane ruff around the head and shoulders; a blue-black tongue; deep-set almond eyes that ass to scowling, snobbish expression, and a stiff-legged gait.

Chows can rough or smooth coats of red, black, blue, cinnamon or cream.

Chows are the cleanest of dogs; They housebreak easily, have little doggy odor, and are known to be as fastidious as cats. Well-socialized Chows are never fierce or intractable, but always refined and dignified. They are aloof with strangers and eternally loyal to loved ones. Serene and adaptable, with no special exercise needs. They happily take to city life.

Life Expectancy – 8 -12 years

Weight – 40 – 70 pounds

High – 17 – 20 inches

Group – Utility Group




·       Raw meat – natural instinct

·       Dry food – complete - Royal Canin Medium Breed, Ava, Orjen, Acana

·       You can add to their diet – Yogurt or low-fat cheese, salmon oil, cod-liver oil, canine brewers’ yeast, coconut oil, fruits, mixed vegetables, cooked egg.

·       Dental sticks and treats

·       Feeding guide – puppy 3 times a day – 7-8am, 12-1pm, 5-6pm

Remember it is important to feed your dog with good quality food if you want to save money for vets. Regularly check the Chow’s skin for any irritation or allergy signs, even if you have not changed your pet diet. Be aware that dog treats can also create allergy and digestive issues. Especially avoid cooked bones and food with high fat content. Check with your vet if you have any concerns about your dog’s weight or diet.


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Chow Chow is an active and alert dos with moderate exercise needs. Chow requires daily walks and moderate play with toys, with minimal rough play or high-impact exercise. Remember to avoid exercise during hot periods as the breed doesn’t tolerate high heat. A moderate paced walk tree – four times a day will help to keep your dog happy and healthy. Doing activities together enhances the human-canine bond.




The Chow Chow is very intelligent dog but can be stubborn. It is important to start early socialization to ensure that the Chow grows into a well-adjusted, well-mannered companion. Patience and positive, consistent reinforcement are the keys to successful training. Harsh training methods are to be avoided in order to develop a trusting relationship. Patience, praise and regular practice are the best tools to use with your Chow.


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Health issues for the Chow Chow may include eyelid entropion, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, allergies and thyroid function. These issues may be minimized by health screening, responsible breeding and regular health care and can be diagnosed and managed with veterinary. Extensive and detailed information on the breed’s health can be found on the Chow Chow breed Council -

It is important to understand that all dogs can experience health problems or disease – and that the Chow Chow is generally healthy breed which fit for function.

Puppy are not allowed to walk on the stairs till they are a year old.

For good posture and Hight we recommend feed bowl stand.




Chow’s have double coat and require regular grooming. Through brushing at least twice a week and monthly bath can keep the dog’s skin and coat healthy. Be sure to immediately remedy any parasite issues, such as fleas or ticks. Include eye and ear care with each grooming, and trim nail regularly. Puppy coat and the coat around the head can become badly matted if not groomed regularly. It is preferable to use a cool air dryer to thoroughly dry the Chow after a bath.



Lilly is our new addition to our loving family. She's the youngest and the most loving girl. She is an expectionally calm and quiet girl, but she's still young so you never know! She loves to learn new rules and games. Lilly is amazing pet and she is best friends with our children. As well as this, she's fantastic with other dogs. lilly loves to run and explore new places

MIA - Kenatiteen Honey Spirit

Mia is very proud and intelligent dog we ever meet. She is very playful and crazy girl. She is always first for cuddles and kisses. We can't imagine our home without her. Mia is great with other dogs and she loves kids. She comes from long line of champions.