At Royalbella we are proud to offer, at stud, couple of our well bred English Bulldog Boys.

Both boys are available at stud services and are OPEN TO PUBLIC.



We are lucky enough to be able to keep our own males, all of whom have fantastic, loving temperaments. Although we occasionally use outside studs to bring in a new bloodline, we prefer to have our own boys so we can have both, Mum and Dad to show with our puppies, as well as being able to vouch for the health and temperament of our puppies parentage. All of our stud boys are carefully selected out of our breeding program. Our expectations of our stud boys are very high, 

We are trained in canine fertility and are highly experienced in all aspects of breeding, so we can assist you in the process of breeding your bitch, our aim is for you to have succesfull breeding and the best litter possible

We know your girl is your baby and so we do all we can to make her (and you) feel comfortable.  We explain every step of the process at the time of booking so you know exactly what to expect.  We provide the very best in stud services so that you can relax knowing your girl is in good hands. Unfortunatley, we do not board bitches, ALL are to be brought by their owners for mating, and then to immediately return ‘home’.

A stud service at Royalbella consists of you visiting us once your bitch is ready for mating, and we offer two matings ideally
48 hours apart. Both matings are by artificial insemination, and will take place in our sterile, and pet friendly canine fertility clinic. Occasionaly we can travel to you at extra costs, but please get in touch to discuss this option with us. 

We highly recommend to check your gilr's progesterone levels or cytology prior mating, to find the most optimum time for breeding. We do offer both ovulation tests at our clinic, so you can contact us for more information about our services and to book an appoitment, or get in touch with your local vet or the nearest canine fertility clinic to check your girl.  For the progesterone test we recommend using the AIA 360 as this is the best machine on the market. We can then judge where your bitch is up to within her ovulation cycle and advise what day would be best for the mating. This will give her the best possible chance of pregnancy. 

We are very flexible as to times and dates, however, It is best to book in with us a soon as possible (as soon as your girl begins to
bleed) to ensure the stud boy you would like to use is available and not already booked, or at rest. We will not over use our boys and need to ensure they get a
rest period between matings, to ensure good semen strength is maintained. We have our stud dogs on a semen enhancing supplement to ensure they are as fertile as possible at every mating, we stay on top of all our boys reproductive health to ensure they do not introduce infection to your bitch.  


We can offer pregnancy ultrasound scan and microchipping puppies. The pregnancy scan will be performed at our canine fertility clinic and it will be free of charge if you used one of our boys. The best time to confirm pregnancy, would be between days 28 and 35 from mating. 

In the unlikely event that your girl does not become pregnant, as a gesture of good will we can offer free remating to the same girl only (we won't free remate a different girl to the 1 that has missed) BUT only if she has had cytology or blood tests to check for the ovulation window. For the free remate we will need proof of scan as well.


We also supply whelping supplies, whelping collars, and other services at a very competitive price.




Venom is only a young male and still has a lot of filling out to do. He is a beautiful example of the breed with a playful, loving and cheeky temperament

He's a lovely, chunky, short and compact male, with big head, wide shoulders, and wrinkles all over his body, and he is perfect example of the breed. Venom has a perfect tail, is health checked (HUU, DM & CMR1 clear) & is sperm tested.

Venom first litter landing in the next few days, and he has couple more ladies confirmed pregnant by ourselves and is expecting a large litter of 8+ puppies.


He is a beautiful boy with world class bloodline, his dad is famous Leo Planetbulls, mum is our girl Royalbella Panama (Nemesis and Strawberry daughter). Venom's pedigree contains some of the well known bulldogs including:

Citybulldogs Ace the Face

Santino the Boss at Rarebullies

City Geezer

Geezar Junior

Cesat the Geezar

Shrinkabulls Legacy, Ace in the Hole, Ice Blue Tundra...


Epic Bullyz Electron, Boss, Hugo...

Cowboys, Legacy's and more....


Please contact us for more information and lock in to avoid dissapointment. 





Bayraktar is one of the most beautiful Bulldogs we have bred, stunning example and has such a kind loving personality. He loves nothing else but playing, he's so loveable friendly and loyal. He is a gorgeous happy character, with a gorgeous face, perfect tail, wrinkles all over his body, and superb breathing with perfectly formed open nostrils being one of the main reasons we chose him.

Bayraktar loves the ladies and is always eager to meet a new friend.

His dad is one of the smallest English Bulldogs in the UK, famous Stuart Little. Bayraktar's mum is one of our beautiful girls full suited lilac and tan Tahiti (Nemesis and Strawberry daughter).

He is young man maturing well, he sired couple litters so far, and has puppies due soon. 

The pedigreee of this boy is outstanding, with many famous bulldog names, like:

Papa Smurf

Citybulldogs Ace the Face

Shrinkabulls Mickey Blue Eyes, Ace in the Hole, Legacy West Coast...

City Geezer


Epic Bullyz Electron

Cesar the Geezar and many more...


More information available upon request. Don't wait and get in touh with us today.