Hull Canine Fertility Clinic is a family owned and run business with years of experience in the dog breeding and fertility industry. We are canine reproduction specialist, providing a friendly and professional service to all dog breeders in the Hull and surrounding areas. We've opened the clinic to ensure the welfare of animals is always the primary consideration when it comes to breeding and assisting others with their breeding programs.
Whether you are a breeder with experience or just having your first family litter, we are here to help! Our canine fertility clinic offers wide range of reproduction services, including progesterone testing, canine ultrasound, artificial insemination, cytology, microchipping, whelping advice, incubator and whelping boxes hire.
As reputable breeders from Royalbella and Hull Paws, our priority is to better the breed and therefore our aim will be to help you choose the most appropriate stud dog for your female. We are happy to provide you with advice throughout the dog breeding process should you require it. See less

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Cytology is a non-invasive procedure which involves a swab of your females vulva, cells collected are then microscopically analysed to determine your females perfect mating day. Not only does this give you a higher chance of a positive pregnancy but it also helps to improve litter size. There is no requirement to draw blood from your female for this procedure and results are provided within 15 minutes. From these results, we would recommend mating dates or a retesting date. This test is usually recommended between 7-10 of your females season. Depending on the breed, this can differ.

Artificial insemination is the assisted reproductive technique that imitates a natural mating. When your stud has been chosen we can carry out the artificial insemination with both dogs at the clinic using fresh semen collected from the stud dog, or alternatively, chilled semen from a distant stud dog. This process involves collecting only the ‘rich fraction’ of the studs semen and inserting it in to the females cervix, this is a pain-free, simple and safe procedure. Unlike a natural mating, you are able to avoid dogs contracting sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes.

We are fully qualified, experienced and insured microchip implanters. We use the smallest microchip on the market which is registered with Animal Microchips. We perform the microchipping by lifting a small amount of skin on the back of the puppy’s neck. The chip is inserted under the skin between the shoulder blades, this area is then scanned to make sure the microchip is in place.
It is a legal requirement for breeders to ensure all puppies are microchipped by the age of 8 weeks old, all breeders are provided with details of each puppies microchip to include in their puppy packs for new owners. Price from £8

Incubator is specially designed to provide a controlled and safe environment for puppies during 1st weeks of their life, and is real life-saver too weak or sick puppies.

An incubator can aid puppies chances of surviving & is a key piece of equipment for many breeds, especially bulldogs...

Our an Incubator set comes with Oxygen machine.

If you don’t have the skills or time, or you need some help with caring for your new-born puppy litter, get in touch to find out more about our whelping and puppy care services. 

Your female and puppies will receive 24hr care for the duration of stay, provided by a family of experienced whelpers within our home. We have our own incubators, oxygen machine and heated whelping boxes.