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Hull Canine Fertility Clinic is a family owned and run business with years of experience in the dog breeding and fertility industry. We are canine reproduction specialist, providing a friendly and professional service to all dog breeders in the Hull and surrounding areas. We've opened the clinic to ensure the welfare of animals is always the primary consideration when it comes to breeding and assisting others with their breeding programs.
Whether you are a breeder with experience or just having your first family litter, we are here to help! Our canine fertility clinic offers wide range of reproduction services, including progesterone testing, canine ultrasound, artificial insemination, cytology, microchipping, whelping advice, incubator and whelping boxes hire.
As reputable breeders from Royalbella and Hull Paws, our priority is to better the breed and therefore our aim will be to help you choose the most appropriate stud dog for your female. We are happy to provide you with advice throughout the dog breeding process should you require it. See less